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The WADI Project

We are pleased to welcome the Italian WADI Project to ilSUONO 2023.


The WADI project is a musical creative initiative, born in 2018 in Palermo, and with the support of the Merz Foundation, to converge the best Sicilian talents with the looks and sound visions of the contemporary. The Arabic word "wadi" indicates the bed of a river with an irregular hydrogeological structure, whose fertile land is the promise of rich cultivation, civilization and trade.

The WADI project organically brings together musicians from different traditions and languages, from improvisation to the most rigorous writing, proposing a peculiar instrumentation and sound canvas, an ideal palette for building bridges and triggering relationships with the visual, performing and installation arts.

WADI has presented events at historic buildings and exhibition spaces, always careful to intertwine the traditions of the twentieth century with visions and suggestions both from modernity and from past to remote times.

Proof of this is "Leiðarvísir", landing place for many meetings, narrations, travels, which, in its phonographic form, marked the recording debut of the WADI project, published in 2021 by hopefulmonster editore in collaboration with the Sicilian Almendra Music.

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