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EDITION 6 | 2022

CARRILLO, David Julián - Il colore dell'aria (2022)
for sextet

KIRK, Joel - a shrill thing that makes a bleep (2022)
for flute and violin

AULICH, John - six doors of the invisible  (2022)
for solo percussion

BESINGRAND, Jean-Patrick - Morceaux d'espaces (2022)
for violin and piano

EDITION 5 | 2021

TOBARRA RUIZ, Dativo - Albor de la reminiscencia (2021)
for flute and fixed media

HYNNINEN, Maija - Mask the absence (2021)
for violin and double-bass

KOSECKA, Martyna - Hálōs (2019)
Reflexed for alto saxophone and tape

MOORE, Ted - noise/gate (2021)
for double bass and multimedia

JIMENEZ, Alfred - Habit of Body (2021)
for baritone saxophone and double bass

ER, Eda - Ethernal wait for no answer  (2021)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

MEEKER-CUMMINGS, Robin - Locus (2021)
for flute, saxophone, double-bass and fixed media

FRIDAY, Miles Jefferson - Three Scenes | Ten Games (2021)
for two practitioners

DOGANAY, Dilay - wisdom tooth (2021)
for six musicians

MAMINOVA, Dariya - Flut (2020)
for prepared piano

EDITION 4 | 2019

GRAVES, Sarah - Night Visions (2019)
for two voices

MIKIRDITSIAN, Dzovinar - ...Tu Nous Calcines... (2019)
for flute, voice, and electronics

 TUNDO, Matteo - Spazio Inclinato (2019)
for saxophone and electronics

LU, Yi-Ting - Raindrops on Cracked Mud (2019)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

EDITION 3 | 2018

SILVI, Giuseppe - Grazie. Luci e Rabbia. Spazio (2018)
for bass flute, baritone saxophone, bass, and electronics

MAINOLFI, Pasquale - StudioXX-onTime [part1] (2018)
for solo flute

COSKUNEVEVEN, Didem - In Nuce (2018)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

SCROCCARO, Claudia - Affirming the Consequent (2018)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano, and bass

YOKOKAWA, Tomoya - Dampin' Dumper (2018)
for percussion and piano

GUMRUKCUOGLU, Eren - Lattice Scattering (2018)
for flute, piano, and tape

CEREZO DÁVILA, Carolina - Luz en las paredes de casas viejas, en junio (2018)
for flute, saxophone, piano, and bass

EDITION 2 | 2017

TZORTZIS, Nicolas - Illusoire (2010)
for bass flute, baritone saxophone, percussion, piano


SAKAGIAN, Filippos - Uccello di Cristallo (2017)
for tenor saxophone, percussion and piano

EREN, Hakki Cengiz - Hear-With-Me-There (2017)
for flute, saxophone, piano and live electronics

ZHU, Yiqing - L'Oeil Brisé (2017)
for tenor saxophone, percussion and electronics

HANDYSIDES, Will - Snapshot (2017)
for flute, piano and electronics

PANARIELLO, Claudio - piccolo inventario degli insetti 
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano and electronics

EDITION 1 | 2016

DIMOU, Stylianos - impetuous flow: in flux (2016)
for alto flute, alto saxophone, percussion, piano

LIN, Wei-Chieh - corpo a corpo (2016)
for tenor saxophone, frame drum + bass drum, piano


RALLI, Eleni - All Alone (among the others) II (2016)

for tenor saxophone, flute, percussion, piano

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