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EDITION 6 | 2022

CARRILLO, David Julián - Il colore dell'aria (2022)
for sextet

KIRK, Joel - a shrill thing that makes a bleep (2022)
for flute and violin

AULICH, John - six doors of the invisible  (2022)
for solo percussion

BESINGRAND, Jean-Patrick - Morceaux d'espaces (2022)
for violin and piano



EDITION 7 | 2023

ilSUONO 2023

LÙ, Minzuo
Jealousy (2023)

for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano, violin, and double bass

Wordless, yet needing to embody anything (2023)

for flutes, saxophones, violin, and electronics

SNITKO, Yaroslava
Among the Waves (2023)

for flutes and fixed media

ZHENG, Yui-ka
lien Lullaby (2023)

for solo flute

Meccanica di un rito (2023)

for solo flute

RIBEIRO, Danniel
proximity (bodiless etchings) (2023)

for flutes and violin

CORTHEY, Francisco
CAVE (2023)
for double bass and electronics

JIANG, Xiaofeng

LINEA (2023)
for solo soprano saxophone

PIRAS, Giulio
La nebbia ricorda il mio nome (2023)

for solo saxophone

Breathtaking (2023)

for violin and fixed media

PAK, Sunyeong
Dialogue for the Moment (2023)

for violin and piano

EDITION 5 | 2021

TOBARRA RUIZ, Dativo - Albor de la reminiscencia (2021)
for flute and fixed media

HYNNINEN, Maija - Mask the absence (2021)
for violin and double-bass

KOSECKA, Martyna - Hálōs (2019)
Reflexed for alto saxophone and tape

MOORE, Ted - noise/gate (2021)
for double bass and multimedia

JIMENEZ, Alfred - Habit of Body (2021)
for baritone saxophone and double bass

ER, Eda - Ethernal wait for no answer  (2021)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

MEEKER-CUMMINGS, Robin - Locus (2021)
for flute, saxophone, double-bass and fixed media

FRIDAY, Miles Jefferson - Three Scenes | Ten Games (2021)
for two practitioners

DOGANAY, Dilay - wisdom tooth (2021)
for six musicians

MAMINOVA, Dariya - Flut (2020)
for prepared piano

EDITION 4 | 2019

GRAVES, Sarah - Night Visions (2019)
for two voices

MIKIRDITSIAN, Dzovinar - ...Tu Nous Calcines... (2019)
for flute, voice, and electronics

 TUNDO, Matteo - Spazio Inclinato (2019)
for saxophone and electronics

LU, Yi-Ting - Raindrops on Cracked Mud (2019)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

EDITION 3 | 2018

SILVI, Giuseppe - Grazie. Luci e Rabbia. Spazio (2018)
for bass flute, baritone saxophone, bass, and electronics

MAINOLFI, Pasquale - StudioXX-onTime [part1] (2018)
for solo flute

COSKUNEVEVEN, Didem - In Nuce (2018)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano

SCROCCARO, Claudia - Affirming the Consequent (2018)
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano, and bass

YOKOKAWA, Tomoya - Dampin' Dumper (2018)
for percussion and piano

GUMRUKCUOGLU, Eren - Lattice Scattering (2018)
for flute, piano, and tape

CEREZO DÁVILA, Carolina - Luz en las paredes de casas viejas, en junio (2018)
for flute, saxophone, piano, and bass

EDITION 2 | 2017

TZORTZIS, Nicolas - Illusoire (2010)
for bass flute, baritone saxophone, percussion, piano


SAKAGIAN, Filippos - Uccello di Cristallo (2017)
for tenor saxophone, percussion and piano

EREN, Hakki Cengiz - Hear-With-Me-There (2017)
for flute, saxophone, piano and live electronics

ZHU, Yiqing - L'Oeil Brisé (2017)
for tenor saxophone, percussion and electronics

HANDYSIDES, Will - Snapshot (2017)
for flute, piano and electronics

PANARIELLO, Claudio - piccolo inventario degli insetti 
for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano and electronics

EDITION 1 | 2016

DIMOU, Stylianos - impetuous flow: in flux (2016)
for alto flute, alto saxophone, percussion, piano

LIN, Wei-Chieh - corpo a corpo (2016)
for tenor saxophone, frame drum + bass drum, piano


RALLI, Eleni - All Alone (among the others) II (2016)

for tenor saxophone, flute, percussion, piano

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