SILVI, Giuseppe - Grazie. Luci e Rabbia. Spazio (2018)

for bass flute, baritone saxophone, bass, and electronics


MAINOLFI, Pasquale - StudioXX-onTime [part1] (2018)

for solo flute

SCROCCARO, Claudia - Affirming the Consequent (2018)

for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano, and bass


YOKOKAWA, Tomoya - Dampin' Dumper (2018)

for percussion and piano


COSKUNEVEVEN, Didem - In Nuce (2018)

for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano


GUMRUKCUOGLU, Eren - Lattice Scattering (2018)

for flute, piano, and tape


CEREZO DÁVILA, Carolina - Luz en las paredes de casas viejas, en junio (2018)

for flute, saxophone, piano, and bass


TZORTZIS, Nicolas - Illusoire (2010)

for bass flute, baritone saxophone, percussion, piano


SAKAGIAN, Filippos - Uccello di Cristallo (2017)

for tenor saxophone, percussion and piano



LEE, Angus - Et Lux Perpetua (2017)

spatialized litany for flute(s), saxophone(s) and percussion


HANDYSIDES, Will - Snapshot (2017)

for flute, piano and electronics

ZHU, Yiqing - L'Oeil Brisé (2017)

for tenor saxophone, percussion and electronics



BATANERO, Juan - Höchste Lust (2017)

for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano


PANARIELLO, Claudio - piccolo inventario degli insetti 

for flute, saxophone, percussion, piano and electronics



EREN, Hakki Cengiz - Hear-With-Me-There (2017)

for flute, saxophone, piano and live electronics


DIMOU, Stylianos - impetuous flow: in flux (2016)

for alto flute, alto saxophone, percussion, piano

LIN, Wei-Chieh - corpo a corpo (2016)

for tenor saxophone, frame drum + bass drum, piano


RALLI, Eleni - All Alone (among the others) II (2016)

for tenor saxophone, flute, percussion, piano

Francesco Filidei, Ensemble Suono Giallo, and Theocharis Papatrechas after the closing concert of the 1st International ilSuono Academy for Young Composers 2016