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ilSUONO Value Statement & Implementation

Search for Diversity Committee

ilSUONO is a grassroots effort led by early-career contemporary music performers and composers as a response to the need for high-quality experiences and portfolio building opportunities for our cohort. The two seasons we have put together have been immensely rewarding. As we reflect on our first efforts, we are confident that we are contributing to the growing international community that is striving to bring important systemic changes to our field. With that in mind we feel that the time is ripe to make a statement of values and invite you, our community, to proactively participate in their realization. 


Our field is inherently diverse and at the same time historically populated by specific demographics. Therefore, at the heart of our effort is increasing inclusiveness, by embracing a diversity of aesthetics, culture, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual and gender orientations, and individual uniqueness. To ensure that this value is fundamental in every programmatic expression, we are putting together a diversity committee, comprising 3 volunteer individuals for a tenure of 2 seasons. The committee’s responsibilities include:


  • Advocacy

  • Message dissemination

  • Portfolio review

  • Other activities, to be determined by the committee


Those who are interested in joining the inaugural committee are invited to send us their CV along with a statement of why music and inclusiveness is important to them. 


This search will remain open until 3 passionate and committed individuals are identified.


Please follow the link below to submit your materials:

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